The UNESCO Center for Life Skills Training (UCENLIST) is a member unit of the Vietnam UNESCO Association, established under Decision No. 77/QD-LH dated October 18, 2012, by the Association's President.p.

The Center is tasked with organizing activities related to counseling, guidance, and life skills development, specializing in psychological and social skills, as well as personal skills for all individuals, particularly students, young intellectuals, and entrepreneurs. To fulfill this mission, the Center focuses on organizing residential Vipassana meditation courses led by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers, following the tradition of U Ba Khin. This scientific meditation technique is simple and suitable for everyone to practice and apply in daily life as a lifestyle art. It enables individuals to live harmoniously with themselves, their families, and society through a balanced and healthy lifestyle, fostering ethical conduct, responsibility, and legal compliance.

In 2013, its first year of operation, the Center successfully organized five 10-day residential meditation courses led by S.N.Goenka and his assistants. These non-profit and non-sectarian courses have yielded positive results for hundreds of participants, including residents of Hanoi, other provinces across Vietnam, and international friends studying and working in the country. It is encouraging to see these courses becoming a gathering place for families of multiple generations (grandparents/parents/grandchildren) who seek to overcome the negative aspects of modern life, such as conflict, tension, and suffering.

With further infrastructure development, the Center will offer additional Vipassana meditation courses in Ho Chi Minh City starting in 2015, catering to the increasing demand for such programs among Vietnamese citizens and international friends.

The Center's long-term mission is to focus on offering non-profit Vipassana courses to popularize this practice among the community as a practical lifestyle art. This aims to significantly impact the improvement of individual mental well-being, ultimately promoting positive change within families and society at large, contributing to genuine harmony and happiness.

Through its life skills development activities, the Center has, is, and will continue to actively promote the activities of the Vietnam UNESCO Organization. The Center collaborates with other units within the Association to encourage public support for UNESCO-aligned activities, fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted by the Association. This contributes to the practical realization of UNESCO's ideals and goals – building a united humanity in peace and fraternity, based on genuine human happiness..